Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I started my own business!!!

I finally did it! I started my own business a couple of months ago! The name of my business??? Why, The Thrifty Trendsetter, of course! :) If you have a chance, please come take a look! I would love to have you as a customer, and, if you don't see anything that you like, I welcome custom orders! Below are a few examples of my products!

Flights of Fancy MAG Board!

Board Bling!

"A trunk full of smiles" picture frame!

Thank you so much for looking! If you would leave a comment on my shop's website, I would really appreciate it! Also...grab my button!!! Just go to Life with the Lees, and on the sidebar is the code that you need to add my cute little button to your site! Plus, you might just enjoy the Life with the Lees blog! It's all about me and my family! Enjoy!