Friday, April 10, 2009

Oklahoma Firestorms

For those of you unaware of the devastating situation occurring in Oklahoma right now, I would like to fill you in so that you can keep these people in your thoughts and prayers. The following excerpt is from a news brief on

"The fires began Thursday afternoon along the Interstate 35 corridor in the central part of the state and continued to burn past nightfall, fueled by ferocious winds and an abundance of dry, early spring grass and brush.
"We have in excess of 100 homes that have been destroyed statewide," Emergency Management Director Albert Ashwood said Friday morning. "Originally we thought 100 were destroyed in the Midwest City and Choctaw areas, but that appears to be more like 100 structures. That's a good thing."
Water-dropping helicopters couldn't assist the ground effort because of winds that gusted to more than 60 mph in some areas on Thursday. With wind speeds slowing down, the Oklahoma National Guard will be able to help out Friday, Ashwood said.
Information on Friday morning indicates that nearly three dozen people have been injured."
This has been such a horrible tragedy for so many people throughout our state. There are many people who have lost everything. Thankfully, our house was no where near these fires, but several people that I work with had to evacuate their homes last night. Luckily, they didn't lose their homes, but many did. For those of you in Oklahoma, there are many ways to help out these people who have been devastated by the wildfires. Many locations throughout the Metro have set up donation sites where you can drop off items that will be needed. If you turn on the radio, they are announcing ways to help out at almost every commercial break. For those of you not in Oklahoma, one of the best ways that you can help is to pray for these people. If you feel like you would like to do more, you can go to any of the Oklahoma News websites, and there are links on ways that you can help. The Oklahoma News websites are:,, and

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Dreyer Drama said...

My hubbs uncle lives outside of Oklahoma City so we have been there quite a bit. It's a nice area and this is so tragic. We almost moved there a few years ago. My heart goes out to those that live there.