Sunday, April 26, 2009

One of My Favorite New Sites!

I stumbled upon this site about a week ago, and as much as I wanted to be selfish and keep all of their ideas to myself, I decided to share it with YOU!!! Don't you feel special?! You will after you visit this site!

So...without further to fav new site is (drumroll please).....This Young House!!! This is seriously one of the best sites that I have come across. This young couple have bought an old house, and have totally renovated it! It is GORGEOUS!!! I am so jealous! And, the crazy thing is-they are my age-27-and they know how to do all of this, and have made this site their full time jobs! Totally wish I could do that!

This young couple gives advice about how to redo your home, whether it is redecorating, or doing actual remodels. You can actually hire them to help you redecorate your house (for a fee, of course)-they call this their "mood boards". While this might be what some people would choose to do, I am just going to drool over the pictures of their home, and maybe try to recreate some of them for myself! If there is something that I cannot recreate, they actually have a shop on their site where you can purchase some of their items, at a really reasonable cost!

Probably my favorite area of their site is the "How-To" area. There are TONS of different topics to choose from, and they give you great tips on how to accomplish projects! I could spend hours...well, who am I kidding...I HAVE spend hours, pouring over this "How-To" section!

Whatever you do, definitely check out their "House Tour" section! You will be amazed at what this talented young couple has done! I am so totally impressed, and I know that you will be too! Leave me some comment love and let me know what you think! :)


Marie Reed said...

I'll will go check it out! I am renovating a house and am such a rookie! I'm great at ripping up tile and tearing down wallpaper but horrible at putting it all back together:)

Shawn said...

Hey there---just visiting from SITS!

Great blog! I just wanted to let you know that while this house is cute----it is NOT an old house like her blog claims. I renovated an old house a few years back and it was built in 1790. Now thats an OLD house!

Also, if you want to see a really cool old house---I have a post on my blog about a house that we tried to buy about a month ago---it was built in 1716 and was in the Revolutionary War.


prashant said...

Great blog! Found you on SITS. Following you

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