Saturday, March 14, 2009

Decorating on a Budget

I don't know about you, but I get tired of my house looking the same all of the time, and I am always wanting to change something. The problem costs money to redecorate, and if you're not careful...lots of it! Being a person who has completely changed how our home has been decorated at least four times in the three and a half years that we have been married, I have become an expert at redecorating on a budget! I have listed some of my ideas below!

1. When it comes to big purchases, like furniture, buy neutral colors. You may really like that red sofa right now, but more than likely, in a year or two, you are going to be sick of it, and want a different look for your house. We bought a light beige solid color couch and chair when it was time for us to make this purchase. We also went for microfiber because it is easy to clean, and we knew that we would be having children. Choose a great pattern for a chair or an ottoman!

2. Completely change the look of your furniture with pillows! I cannot even begin to tell you how many pillows we have had in our short marriage! Just by changing the color or pattern of pillows in your home will give your home a completely different look. You can find really great pillows for cheap at a lot of stores (you can also find really expensive ones, but just steer clear of those)! Ikea, Hobby Lobby, and Pier One all have pillows for a really reasonable cost. If you are like me, you may find pillows that you love at Pottery Barn, and sometimes this is the only place that carries that particular pillow. Let me just give you one piece of advise on have to purchase the pillow and the pillow cover separately...often times making the total cost of the pillow over $60.00! If you have to have that pillow, buy the pillow cover at Pottery Barn, and buy the actual pillow insert at WalMart, Hobby Lobby, or any other discount store. It will save you tons!

3. Paint! This is possibly the cheapest and most effective way to change how your home looks! Paint everything! Don't hold back! Change your walls from white to a great shade of blue, green, yellow, or red...whatever you like. This is where you get a lot of bang for your buck!

4. Change your items that you display. Often times, this can be done for free. Just remove the items that you had on your coffee table, shelves, or counter, and replace them with other objects that you love in your home. Group similar items together in odd number groupings, and it will give a finished look to your home. This is a great way to show off a collection.

5. Change the pictures on your wall...or add pictures or mirrors. If you already have pictures on your wall, you can take the original picture/painting out of the frame, and use the frame for new artwork. On a pretty day, go outside and take some pictures! You will be surprised at the beautiful objects you can find to photograph. You can then take them to a discount store and have them blown up to be larger for a very small price. Use the old frames that you have to frame your new creation. You then have original artwork for a fraction of the price it would cost you to go out and buy a new piece of art. You can also purchase artist's canvas' for a small price and then find a beautiful fabric that you love. Wrap the canvas in the fabric very tightly and staple to the back of the canvas. Makes beautiful wall hangings! You can leave it as is, or frame it. If you add mirrors to your home, this will make any room look larger. Think about where to hang the mirror, and which direction you hang it. Sometimes a mirror that was meant to hang vertically, actually looks really great hung horizontally. Just be creative with can't mess up!
6. Rearrange your furniture. This is a free way to completely change the look of a room. Figure out what looks best will be amazed with the difference!

7. Paint furniture. If you have an old table that you are not thrilled with...paint it a different color! You will have a piece of furniture that looks completely different, and is customized for your home...without the custom price! You can paint any furniture...a desk, an end table, an armoire, a chair, etc. Just play around with it, and you will be surprised at what you will end up with.

There are many other ways to decorate you home on a budget, but these were just a few to get you started. Come up with different ideas, and leave a comment so that we can all gain some new ones. Happy thrifty decorating!

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