Thursday, March 12, 2009

Save $237.00 A Month-It's Easy!!!

I keep trying to find ways to save money each month, and sometimes it's difficult to come up with new ideas. I keep thinking that I have cut back as much as I possibly can! Well, I have figured out a list of some new ways to save just about $240.00 per month...and it is so easy! If you don't spend money on some of these items, just adhere to the ones that you do, and it will still save you tons!

Save $0.50 a day in loose change- $15/mo.

Cut your soda consumption by 1 liter a week - $6/mo.

At work, substitute 1 coffee for 1 cappuccino - $40/mo.

Bring lunch to work (saving estimated $3/day) - $60/mo.

Eat out 2 fewer times a month- $30/mo. (This could be an even bigger savings depending on the size of your family!)

Borrow, rather than buying, one book a month - $15/mo.

Comparison shop for gas (save est. $.25/gallon) - $4/mo.

Maintain checking account minimum to avoid fees - $7/mo. (Or switch to a checking acct.with no minimum balance....there are tons of banks that offer these.)

Bounce one less check a month - $20/mo. (Or better yet...none!!!)

Pay credit card bill on time to avoid late fee - $25/mo.

Pay off $1000 of credit card debt, reducing interest - $15/mo.

Total these up, and it comes up to $237.00 per month in savings...or even more depending on how much you usually spend! I hope that this will help you save some extra money every month! Keep thinking of new ways that you can cut back on your spending each month, and share them with us! We can all use some good ideas!

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