Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm Back....

So sorry it has been so long since I've posted. We have been having some family issues going on, and that has obviously taken priority over everything else! Anyway, I hope to begin posting regularly again!

Today's post is going to be about ways to save money on clothing!

First of all, let me start by saying that until last Saturday, I had never been to a consignment store. I am now hooked! We went to a consignment shop called "The Daisy Exchange," and it was amazing! They are picky about the items that they take, and so much of their stuff looked just like new! My husband and I bought a total of four pairs of jeans, about ten shirts, and a pair of shoes for $106.00! I was so excited because the items looked like new, and were all name brands like Banana Republic, Gap, and Express. Plus, we found out that they will buy our used clothes and give us 30% cash or 40% store credit for what they think they can sell the item for up front! This is definitely something you should check into!

Anyway...on with ways to save on clothing!

1. Trade hand-me-downs with other families/friends. Meet regularly to make this exchange of items that you are tired of, or that you have outgrown. This is a great way to save! Just because you are tired of a shirt does not mean that someone else would not love to have it!

2. Go to end-of-the-season sales. This is a great way to stock up on items for the following season. If you are buying for a child, buy larger sizes that the child will be able to wear next year! If it is a basic item that you wear all of the time, purchase several so that you won't have to pay full price when the item wears out.

3. Choose classic styles when making purchases. Trendy clothing tends to go out of style very quickly, so your wardrobe is going to look dated very quickly. Buy items that never go out of style...jeans, black pants, solid color shirts, classic dresses, etc. It's okay to buy a few trendy items, but just make sure that they are not very expensive...use the majority of your shopping budget for the classic items.

4. Pay attention to the labels. Avoid dry clean only items at all costs! This is going to cost you so much money over time if you stick with it, and if you don't stick with it, and wash the items yourself, the item will last no time at all. Look for items that are machine washable. If you cannot stick to this, at least make sure that they are hand washable.

5. Take care of your clothes. If you spill something on your clothes, spot clean the spill immediately before stains set. Also, repair rips and tears right away so that they do not get larger.

6. Shop at second hand stores or discount stores. Check out your local consignment stores. You will probably be pleasantly surprised at what you can find. Also, check out your local discount stores like "Ross." You can get name brand items for a fraction of the price you would pay at department stores. Just make sure to look closely at the item because a lot of the time, these items are irregular. Sometimes this means that the items is just missing a button, but sometimes, there is a stain or a hole in the item. Just do some checking before you buy!

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cheapbychoice said...

I love consignment shops! I also frequent thrift stores. You would be amazed what items people have donated. THe thrift stores take a little extra work, but it is worth it. A few months ago I bought a pair of Ralph Lauren khaki pants (gently used) for $1.